Technology and Systems That Reduce the Risks of Fake Identity


If you own a business, it is possible that you are dealing with a lot of clients yourself. These clients may be found in different countries and as much as possible, you wanted to maintain a good business relationship with them all. There is a business model that is based on commission and contractual wherein the business hires a broker so that they will be more successful in handling business relationships. It is a good thing if the broker is good because this individual will bridge the business and client. In return, this broker will receive a commission. However, how sure are you as the business owner that you can trust the broker? There are cases where they maintain fake identity just to be able to earn.

Creating Business Relationship By Knowing The People You Work With

There are even companies that are getting clients without the brokers displaying their real names and only their contact information. There is higher chance that they maintain fake identity just to be able to work. If you are the client, you surely wanted that you know the person whom you are working with. That is the reason why you wanted to know almost everything that will involved with the communication and management process to establish this business relationship. In Australia alone, there are organizations and individual who are losing billions of dollars each year because of identity theft.

Putting a Stop to Identity Fraudsters

If you do not want to end up being a victim of this crime, you surely wanted to know if the person you are dealing business with has a fake identity. The government is even concerned for those individual whose identities are stolen and used in illegal transactions. As a matter of fact, identity theft has already become widespread all over the world. Of course, it poses menace to people. That is why there is NISS or the national identity security strategy that was introduced in Australia. There are also other groups that protects individual against frauds and identity theft in other countries.

The aim of the group is to tackle the crime itself or those who are using fake identity such as their driver’s license and their passports at the same time. It is a great thing that the government authorities are putting their effort to spot those who use other’s identity in order to commit a crime. They are also making sure that the documents are authentic. It is their way so that the fraudsters will not be able to steal the benefits from the owner of the identity itself. For example, identity theft can happen in banks and other sorts of payments.

Checking Authenticity of Documents

As such, the government spends millions of dollars so that they can check the identity of the person or even determine the fake identity documents. They also maintain a website wherein the government agencies in the country can also check the online system. It is a big help to them because even the private sector can make sure that the documents they have are indeed true. This is most especially a big consideration for businesses involved in big financial transaction. This means that companies can now rely for a service wherein they will be issued with accurate details of the consumers’ identities and those who they do business with.

Use of Biometrics to Combat Identity Theft

There is also another way to determine the fake identity documents which is done through biometrics. This is where one uses the physical features of the person itself. This is one way to verify his or her identity which the governments support with. This is also a great way for the private companies so that they can avoid identity theft from happening. Thanks to biometrics! Even the immigration service in Australia also collects this data from the new immigrants. They check their biometric data so that they can make sure that they are indeed the true owner of the name or the identity.

So, what are these biometric details? It actually includes iris scans, fingerprints, and photos at the same time. This is such a big effort that supports groups internationally. In great hope to avoid dealing with fake identity, the biometrics of people is stored through a database. We can also call this as the identity repository. The government itself puts effort so that they can make sure of the welfare of their citizens. They even use biometrics in the smartcard and other identity card system of the citizens. This is one way so that they can avoid impostors or fake identity using someone else’s identity. With this, even the private companies are now using this method. Examples of these companies are those financial institutions and banks in tackling fraud and identity doubts. Some may use the authentication technology too.