How Can I Be a Victim of FTC Identity Theft?


FTC identity theft happens when someone pretends to be someone else by using the other person’s identity or personal information. Identity theft is often done in order to access your personal resources (bank accounts), obtain credit (credit card or mortgage) and to avail of other benefits in your name. If you become a victim of identity theft, you can be subjected to a lot of consequences because you will be held accountable for everything the thief made using your identity. You are a victim of identity thief when someone uses your name, Social Security Number or Credit Card Number without your permission. FTC identity theft is often done to commit fraudulent crimes.

The Top Consumer Complaint

FTC identity theft is the top consumer complaint of all times. In all forms of identity theft, credit card fraud reported the most cases. Identity theft has also been recorded in phone, utilities, loans, mortgages and availing of government services. With the widespread use of e-commerce or online shopping, identity theft has reached an all-time high.  The fraudulent use of Social Security Numbers also ranks high. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the government agency task with dealing with identity theft although the majority of the victims also notified the police.

How Can the FTC Help Identity Theft Victims?

FTC identity theft concentrates more on financial identity theft although they also deal with criminal identity theft and medical identity theft. If you are a victim of identity theft, visit the website of the Federal Trade Commission. There you will find resources on what to do should your identity be stolen. Also on the website is information on how you can recover if you are a victim as well as a complaint form so you can file a fraud affidavit. The fraud affidavit, together with the police report is important documents you need when you want to recover the amount “stolen” from you.

How Can I Dispute a Fraudulent Account Due to Identity Theft?

If you are a victim of FTC identity theft, you can dispute the fraud charges. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Compile all documents relating to the identity fraud evidences such as credit card statements or any witnesses.
  2. Act immediately and get in touch with the police, the FTC and the companies where the fraudulent charges were transacted.
  3. Make a thorough follow up to make sure that you will not be made accountable for any of the unauthorized charges as a result of the identity theft.

The Role of Businesses in Identifying Identity Theft

When you are a victim of FTC identity theft, the business where the fraudulent transaction transpired needs to provide you with all their transaction records associated with the identity theft. Businesses mandate under Section 609(2) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to comply with the victim’s request within 30 days. You cannot be denied this information unless the business can prove you have not really been a victim of identity theft. Businesses have to comply with the laws and regulations on identity theft as stipulated in the FCRA and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) for financial institutions. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) are for all businesses to follow. The FTC however believes that public information is the best way to prevent identity theft.

How Can You Prevent FTC Identity Theft

You can avoid being a victim of FTC identity theft if you know how to protect yourself against this crime. The identity thief is so rampant that the FTC says, the more you understand it, the more you will be concerned. Here are a few tips to avoid being an identity thief victim.


  • When ordering your checks, have your initials instead of your full name printed on them. This will prevent anyone who took your checkbook from identifying your gender, and what to use when you sign your checks. The difference in signatures will prove you are a victim.
  • Instead of signing the back of your credit card, write “Photo ID required.” The stores will be held equally liable should they not comply with this and your credit card is used in a fraudulent transaction.
  • Never ever have your Social Security Number printed on any part of your checks. Should a merchant need it, you can simply provide it.
  • Photocopy all the “card” contents of your wallet including driver’s license, credit cards, Social Security card. The photocopies will help you remember what is in your wallet should it get stolen. The photocopies will also have the contact numbers you need to call to cancel your cards in case of theft.
  • Never allow anyone to swipe your credit card out of your sight.
  • Before throwing away any piece of paper with your personal information including credit card numbers, shred it to pieces.
  • Have a lock for your mailbox.

Always be conscious of identity theft especially with the ones associated with credit cards. Although there is a Fraud Alert System in place, you will never know when you will be a victim. Take all the necessary precautions listed above to avoid being a victim of FTC identity theft.

Technology and Systems That Reduce the Risks of Fake Identity


If you own a business, it is possible that you are dealing with a lot of clients yourself. These clients may be found in different countries and as much as possible, you wanted to maintain a good business relationship with them all. There is a business model that is based on commission and contractual wherein the business hires a broker so that they will be more successful in handling business relationships. It is a good thing if the broker is good because this individual will bridge the business and client. In return, this broker will receive a commission. However, how sure are you as the business owner that you can trust the broker? There are cases where they maintain fake identity just to be able to earn.

Creating Business Relationship By Knowing The People You Work With

There are even companies that are getting clients without the brokers displaying their real names and only their contact information. There is higher chance that they maintain fake identity just to be able to work. If you are the client, you surely wanted that you know the person whom you are working with. That is the reason why you wanted to know almost everything that will involved with the communication and management process to establish this business relationship. In Australia alone, there are organizations and individual who are losing billions of dollars each year because of identity theft.

Putting a Stop to Identity Fraudsters

If you do not want to end up being a victim of this crime, you surely wanted to know if the person you are dealing business with has a fake identity. The government is even concerned for those individual whose identities are stolen and used in illegal transactions. As a matter of fact, identity theft has already become widespread all over the world. Of course, it poses menace to people. That is why there is NISS or the national identity security strategy that was introduced in Australia. There are also other groups that protects individual against frauds and identity theft in other countries.

The aim of the group is to tackle the crime itself or those who are using fake identity such as their driver’s license and their passports at the same time. It is a great thing that the government authorities are putting their effort to spot those who use other’s identity in order to commit a crime. They are also making sure that the documents are authentic. It is their way so that the fraudsters will not be able to steal the benefits from the owner of the identity itself. For example, identity theft can happen in banks and other sorts of payments.

Checking Authenticity of Documents

As such, the government spends millions of dollars so that they can check the identity of the person or even determine the fake identity documents. They also maintain a website wherein the government agencies in the country can also check the online system. It is a big help to them because even the private sector can make sure that the documents they have are indeed true. This is most especially a big consideration for businesses involved in big financial transaction. This means that companies can now rely for a service wherein they will be issued with accurate details of the consumers’ identities and those who they do business with.

Use of Biometrics to Combat Identity Theft

There is also another way to determine the fake identity documents which is done through biometrics. This is where one uses the physical features of the person itself. This is one way to verify his or her identity which the governments support with. This is also a great way for the private companies so that they can avoid identity theft from happening. Thanks to biometrics! Even the immigration service in Australia also collects this data from the new immigrants. They check their biometric data so that they can make sure that they are indeed the true owner of the name or the identity.

So, what are these biometric details? It actually includes iris scans, fingerprints, and photos at the same time. This is such a big effort that supports groups internationally. In great hope to avoid dealing with fake identity, the biometrics of people is stored through a database. We can also call this as the identity repository. The government itself puts effort so that they can make sure of the welfare of their citizens. They even use biometrics in the smartcard and other identity card system of the citizens. This is one way so that they can avoid impostors or fake identity using someone else’s identity. With this, even the private companies are now using this method. Examples of these companies are those financial institutions and banks in tackling fraud and identity doubts. Some may use the authentication technology too.

Safety Measures to Improve Credit Card Protection

Do you want to increase your credit card protection? Since most people use credit card in many of their transactions, it’s also so easy for thieves to steal credit information that is why you should be extra careful when using your credit card and that you should avoid identity theft from happening. If you want to increase your security and avoid fraud, you can check out this post.

How Credit Card Fraud Happens

There are many ways on how someone can steal your credit card data; one way is through diving on garbage bins or hacking information online. Thieves can dive in the trash to get your billing statements. Therefore, you should be careful when discarding your billing statements. On the other hand, you can also enhance credit card protection if you would only deal with reputable and secured websites when purchasing your items.

What to Do for Credit Card Protection

To protect your identity and credit card from theft, you should practice safety measures such as keeping your account numbers safe. You should also know the expiration of your cards as well as you should know how to call a credit card company in case of fraud. Do not let anyone borrow your credit cards even your roommates. Do not also leave your receipts in the office or at home and make them lie down just about anywhere. If you don’t need your billing statements, you should tear them before throwing them away.

In addition, you should not give your credit card account number over the phone except when you are sure who you are dealing with. If you don’t have any previous transaction with them, be sure to check their reputation online to search for complaints or reviews about them.

Do not put your credit cards in your wallet to enhance your protections. You can also minimize losses if someone would steal your wallet. You should only carry your credit card for a specific outing for instance but do not bring it all the time.

You should also make sure that you get your credit card before you leave a store for instance. Do not walk away without having your card with you. Plus, do not ever attempt to sign a blank receipt. You should always keep all the receipts of your transactions to keep track of them and avoid unauthorized purchases. This way you can also compare your statements or check them online. In addition, you should report any unwanted transactions or statements in the billing statement to the issuer. You should also notify your issuer for an address change. Also, you should not write your account numbers on envelopes.

Credit card protection is of utmost importance to protect from unwanted credit transactions. You can keep your identity secured if you would always monitor your statements. By being vigilant or aware of how to secure your account numbers and bank account as well can protect you from any forms of fraud. Nonetheless, being aware of your credit transactions and keeping your credit card safe at all times through these mentioned measures can improve your credit card protection.

What Is Fraud in Common Law?

What is fraud? This is what we are going to find out in this article. If we are going to focus on the definition by the criminal law, it is actually the deception that is made intentionally by the person. His or her goal could be to damage the person or to gain something from it. By certain definition according to the criminal law, we are going to find out the answer as to – what is fraud and how come it is potentially threatening to all of us. The meaning of fraud actually differs according to the legal jurisdiction. There are those who are involved in a hoax so that they can deceive another individual. However, they do not personally have the intention to damage the victim.

Fraud Defined by the Civil Law- Outright Deception or Misrepresentation?

In this context, let us find out what is fraud under civil proceedings. During the criminal prosecutions, it is possible that the defendant will file for its defense so that they can avoid civil liability or criminal liability. Did you know that fraud is also known as a defense for certain performance like breach of contract? Yes, this is true. It could be the equitable jurisdiction basis. While most of you may think that this is an evil practice, well you are not totally right. It is true that fraud is punishable by law however it is sometimes an accidental misrepresentation and not an outright deception.

Conditions When Fraud Becomes a Misrepresentation

As you have found out the answer for the question of “what is fraud” under the state law, it has actually undergone few changes for the centuries that pass. The court will still base fraud depending to the community standard. We cannot deny the fact that its definition has been complex because there are other factors that are involved. This is no longer just a simple case of deceiving someone else but there are also other conditions to the law. If it is merely a misrepresentation, one has to present a convincing and clear evidence to claim that the statement is true. Generally, there are elements of fraud under the Oregon law. It includes the following: falsity, representation, ignorance of truth, knowledge of the speaker regarding the falsity, intent when it was acted, ignorance of the hearer, the reliance of truth to the hearer.

Misleading Truths in Businesses

If we will really know deeply as to what is fraud, we will be faced with a lot of meaning as far as common law is concerned. It is imperative that we people should know our side when faced into this kind of situation. As a topic of fraud that occurs in banking, it could be the case where there are stolen credit cards or the accounting practices are misleading. This case can be determined through the insurance claim and then other identity factor. Since fraud is increasing each day, we have to take the necessary steps so that businesses and our personal relations should not put at risk because of it.

How Important Is It to Have Credit Bureau Phone Numbers?

Should you need to contact any of the credit bureaus, it is important that you have the credit bureau phone numbers. Credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion can be easily contacted through phone, mail or online.  You will need to contact a credit bureau to get a free copy of your Credit Report, to dispute any item included in your credit report and even to report an identity theft. You will never know when the time comes that you will need to contact a credit bureau. It is therefore essential that you have their phone numbers handy.

Contacting a Credit Bureau for a Free Credit Rating

Although you can request for a free Credit Rating Report online or through the mail, you will need the credit bureau phone numbers if your request was denied. You can also use the phone numbers of the credit bureaus if you do not wish to avail of offers from credit card companies for a pre-approved credit card. There are third party service providers that can facilitate the issuance of your Credit Rating Report and any dispute or correction you need, but it is easier to contact the Credit Bureau yourself through the telephone.

Your credit score is important to you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends that you get a copy at least once a year. You can easily get your Credit Report through the credit bureau phone numbers because you need the report for a lot of things from applying for credit, renting a home or even for employment.

Why Credit Bureau Phone Numbers Are the Best Way to Contact Them?

A lot of people know that is important to have a copy of their Credit Rating Report. Having an updated copy at least once a year could prove to be very essential. When you need to apply for a credit card, a home or car mortgage, you will usually be required to furnish the creditor with your Credit Rating Report. Seldom do people know how to request for a Credit Rating Report or how to report or correct any errors. The best way then to contact a credit bureau in charge in your locality is to call them directly through the credit bureau phone numbers. This is far better than availing of the services of third party service providers.

When you contact any of the credit bureau phone numbers make sure to have available information to verify your identity. Credit bureaus will ask all sorts of questions to confirm your identity to make sure that you, and not an identity thief is requesting for your Credit Report. If the information you provide does not match your information in their database, there may be a delay in the request of your Credit Report or they may not release it at all.

Credit Bureau Phone Numbers and Identity Theft

If you have children, you will want to make sure that your Social Security number will not be used to deceitfully apply for any form of credit. This form of fraudulence has been on the rise for several years. Parents usually get to know of this circumstance once their children reach the age of 18 and are eligible to apply for their own credit cards or car loans. The default payment arising from this form of fraudulence is extremely difficult to correct in your Credit Report. To prevent any form of identity theft, credit bureau phone numbers come in handy to get in touch with any of the three major credit bureaus.

Why You May Want to Contact a Credit Bureau

At the age of too much dependence on plastic money (credit cards), Credit Bureaus, Credit Scores and Credit Reports are important items. If you need to keep informed on these items and the best way to start is by contacting them through the credit bureau phone numbers. You can request for a Credit Report from any of the Credit Bureaus once every 12 months. Why would you need a credit report?

  • You need a credit report when you are applying for a credit card, a home or car mortgage.
  • You need your credit report to know who has been asking about your credit ratings.
  • You need your credit report to see if anyone has been stealing your identity and signing credit card transaction receipts in your name.
  • You need your credit report to dispute any item on the report such as paid credits and fraudulent charges.

As you can see, you need your Credit Report for almost everything you need to do that pertains to your finances. Having an updated Credit Report on hand will come in handy so you do not have to wait weeks before they are released. This is especially crucial when you are running against time to get a credit approved. Use the credit bureau phone numbers to get your Credit Report fast and conveniently.