How to Know if an ID Theft Protection Company Is Reputable


There are so many companies specializing in the field of identification or ID theft protection. They are becoming very much available because of the heightened alert for individuals to handle their bank accounts so well. Reports regarding identity thefts are so rampant now especially to countries that have a lot of citizens using credit cards, checks and social security cards for their everyday transactions.  In the United States alone, cases soar high up to half a million a year according to its Federal Trade Commission. This took place even when there are already so many companies for ID theft protection available. With this report, will it really be beneficial to avail their services? Answering all questions below may help in completing the decision.


  • Is it a trustworthy and reputable company?

Reputation is an important tool to find out if a company can really do its job. This can be traced down in their website or in their office. Most of these companies only have an online page for their services. Make sure to verify not just once but so many times before closing a deal. Check their page if it is updated. Trust should never be given that easily. They should at least have a good experience in doing this work. Asking ways on how they do their operations may also be a good way to know more about them. Remember that a single visit to an ID theft protection specialist will never be enough. Make it a habit.


  • Was it able to save its clients already?

It is not enough to answer this question with a resounding Yes. It is good to also take note if the clients were happy about the service. There are some who can really eliminate identity theft but cannot do it in a fast and easy way. Feedbacks from clients should definitely be one of the so many things that should be looked for in a company. This is very essential because it gives a solid and tangible proof whether they did great or not. This should at least have a space on their website or in their land-based office. Never think twice about asking for the list of their clients’ comments.


  • Are the prices reasonable enough?

There is really a tough competition going on between companies that offer ID theft protection.  With this, the prices that a client must pay for a particular company’s services should never go way farther than the price of the others. One should always check if the rate for their services never goes out of the standard. Protection of personal information including name, address, credit card numbers, social security data, business records and many more should never go higher than $30 a month according to the Federal Trade Commission. There may be additional charges for extra services like phone support, stolen wallet assistance or insurance but the payment should never soar really high. Top quality ID theft protection services should also include checking the black markets and the insurance of the money involved.