How Important Is It to Have Credit Bureau Phone Numbers?


Should you need to contact any of the credit bureaus, it is important that you have the credit bureau phone numbers. Credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion can be easily contacted through phone, mail or online.  You will need to contact a credit bureau to get a free copy of your Credit Report, to dispute any item included in your credit report and even to report an identity theft. You will never know when the time comes that you will need to contact a credit bureau. It is therefore essential that you have their phone numbers handy.

Contacting a Credit Bureau for a Free Credit Rating

Although you can request for a free Credit Rating Report online or through the mail, you will need the credit bureau phone numbers if your request was denied. You can also use the phone numbers of the credit bureaus if you do not wish to avail of offers from credit card companies for a pre-approved credit card. There are third party service providers that can facilitate the issuance of your Credit Rating Report and any dispute or correction you need, but it is easier to contact the Credit Bureau yourself through the telephone.

Your credit score is important to you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends that you get a copy at least once a year. You can easily get your Credit Report through the credit bureau phone numbers because you need the report for a lot of things from applying for credit, renting a home or even for employment.

Why Credit Bureau Phone Numbers Are the Best Way to Contact Them?

A lot of people know that is important to have a copy of their Credit Rating Report. Having an updated copy at least once a year could prove to be very essential. When you need to apply for a credit card, a home or car mortgage, you will usually be required to furnish the creditor with your Credit Rating Report. Seldom do people know how to request for a Credit Rating Report or how to report or correct any errors. The best way then to contact a credit bureau in charge in your locality is to call them directly through the credit bureau phone numbers. This is far better than availing of the services of third party service providers.

When you contact any of the credit bureau phone numbers make sure to have available information to verify your identity. Credit bureaus will ask all sorts of questions to confirm your identity to make sure that you, and not an identity thief is requesting for your Credit Report. If the information you provide does not match your information in their database, there may be a delay in the request of your Credit Report or they may not release it at all.

Credit Bureau Phone Numbers and Identity Theft

If you have children, you will want to make sure that your Social Security number will not be used to deceitfully apply for any form of credit. This form of fraudulence has been on the rise for several years. Parents usually get to know of this circumstance once their children reach the age of 18 and are eligible to apply for their own credit cards or car loans. The default payment arising from this form of fraudulence is extremely difficult to correct in your Credit Report. To prevent any form of identity theft, credit bureau phone numbers come in handy to get in touch with any of the three major credit bureaus.

Why You May Want to Contact a Credit Bureau

At the age of too much dependence on plastic money (credit cards), Credit Bureaus, Credit Scores and Credit Reports are important items. If you need to keep informed on these items and the best way to start is by contacting them through the credit bureau phone numbers. You can request for a Credit Report from any of the Credit Bureaus once every 12 months. Why would you need a credit report?

  • You need a credit report when you are applying for a credit card, a home or car mortgage.
  • You need your credit report to know who has been asking about your credit ratings.
  • You need your credit report to see if anyone has been stealing your identity and signing credit card transaction receipts in your name.
  • You need your credit report to dispute any item on the report such as paid credits and fraudulent charges.

As you can see, you need your Credit Report for almost everything you need to do that pertains to your finances. Having an updated Credit Report on hand will come in handy so you do not have to wait weeks before they are released. This is especially crucial when you are running against time to get a credit approved. Use the credit bureau phone numbers to get your Credit Report fast and conveniently.