Five Tips to Identity Monitor


Do you want to learn about ways to identity monitor? Being watchful of your identity is what you need if you don’t want to compromise it in case someone would attempt to take it away from you. There have been many people who have been victims of identity theft. Because of it, they’re forced to pay the credits that other people have made under their name. You must secure your credit card, social security card, and billing statements, among others, to avoid this growing problem of identity theft.

How to Identity Monitor

  1. Beware of your debit cards. Unlike credit cards that do not require you to enter your PIN, these cards do need you to input your code number to accomplish a transaction such as withdrawing in an ATM. That is why many people say that the debit card is more of a liability than a credit card. In regards to the way you do transaction in these two cards, indeed there’s truth to that. If you lost your debit card, be sure to block it right away. You should call the issuing bank to close the account right away if you don’t want unauthorized of it. Avoid losing your money by following this identity monitor tip.
  2. Think of making automatic bills. There are people who have been victims of fraud because of check issuing. If you would write checks, you might be giving away too much information about yourself, business, signature, and bank account number.
  3. Always check your mail. There are thieves called Dumpster divers who intentionally scour or look for discarded credit cards, billing statements, and other credit information. To ensure your security, always consider checking your mailbox. Do not let the mail sit on it for a long time. It can be a good place for thieves to steal your information—your identity. In addition, you should have a key in your mailbox. In addition, you should shred all discarded credit cards and billing statements to avoid these Dumpster divers from getting your information.
  4. Use virtual card numbers. This is one of the most common options to identity monitor. You can use your virtual card number when buying something online and just dispose it once done with the transaction. You can simply throw away this card number after shopping. In the process you will avoid your identity from being stolen online.
  5. Think of making an identity kit. You can use this if you would be in an emergency situation. You can have your credit card number, issuing bank, and expiration date, among others. You can also have your social security card and driver’s license number on it. You should keep them in a safety box.

There you have the top five tips on how to protect your identity from being stolen. Do not let thieves use your personal information for their gain. Always secure your important information and keep a watchful eye when using them. Learn more tips to identity monitor today!