4 Accessible Venues for Thieves to Acquire Stolen Identity


It is so important for you to protect your identity. Identity theft is already widespread today because there are already so many venues for thieves to perform the crime. This could also be one of the disadvantages of continuous developments in the world of technology – its ability to offer more ways for people to get stolen identity. It is already hard to discern the kinds of people that you should give your trust to, which is why it is best if you will not easily believe in the things that strangers tell you. To help you protect yourself from identity thieves, below is a list of the major venues for stealers to acquire information about your identity.

Online accounts

Due to the growing population of social media users, the World Wide Web has already become one of the favorite places of those who want to obtain stolen identity. In most social networking sites, you are required to provide most of your personal information to begin the registration process. Information like your name, age, birth date and location are just some of the basics. However, other websites will require you to offer them confidential information about yourself. It is effortless for identity thieves to take stolen identity in social networking sites because it is where they can have all information about you. In most cases, they also take photos from your account and use them to create poser accounts. When worse comes to worst and if you have a weak password, they can hack or totally take over your account, have access to your private conversations and post things that can give you nightmares.

ATM and Bank Accounts

Identity thieves love to have access to ATM cards and bank accounts. Of course, it is where they can take all the money that you have. Having a stolen identity can give them the access to your savings accounts. However, there are also other thieves who watch over you while you withdraw from your ATM card and read your password just by looking at your hands. They can come after you and once they are done taking your card with your passwords inside their minds, you can now say goodbye to the money that your card contains. Memorizing your account numbers and pin numbers can be the best thing for you to do. If you save them in your phone or write them on a piece of paper, just always be careful not to lose that paper and your phone.


There are smart identity thieves who like to take stolen identity by creating bogus job offers to people. They will require you to give them your resumes and some personal information about you. Once they are done acquiring all the information that they need, they may begin using your personal information to create certain accounts and use your name for their benefit. When you are not sure about a certain job advertisement, make sure that you do a research on their company. Take time to read articles or reviews to know whether they are mere scammers or if they are a legitimate company. If you are still feeling unsure, you can contact the management of the legitimate company name that they are using and verify if they really are offering such job openings. Never rely on your instincts – you can always go wrong.

Public documents

Most government offices are out there to secure all your public documents. On the other hand, it is never impossible to have your records stolen from their respective locations. This is another venue for identity thieves to have your stolen identity. If you are keeping public documents in your house, be certain that they are well-protected and are safe from those who are planning to steal them. Secure them inside your vaults if you own one. By having those documents from you, they can make transactions and purchases without your permission. Once they acquire stolen identity, you may just start losing all your riches unconsciously.

If you allow others to get stolen identity, you are already risking too many things. With the use of this list, you can now keep a sharper eye on the ones mentioned above for you to protect all your properties and even yourself. Always be alert when it comes to these matters also because it has already become a crime that can happen every day. If you have children who are active social media users, it is best if you will educate them and tell them which information are safe to share online. If you are using ATM cards and bank accounts, be smart in keeping your account numbers, pins and codes. Finally, do not be gullible when it comes to engaging in transactions and operations that are requiring you to provide confidential information about yourself. Before making a move, think critically.