3 Most Important Things to Include in Identity Theft Insurance


A company that vows to protect its clients against identity theft should not just keep them away from the criminals; it should also provide identity theft insurance if someone successfully breaks into the account.  They should be liable for any loss because they hold paid operations for the safe keep of their customer’s personal records. There are so many types of deals regarding insurance of money stolen from identity theft. The list is so long but one should not go through all the written information just to know what are the most important. There are only 3 among the many that clients really need to keep safe. Written below are the 3 most valuable assets to be retrieved after being hit by a criminal who uses other people’s identity to steal money.

1.      Total Amount of Money Stolen

The company should guarantee that the money stolen should be given back to the owner. This is the main point why identity theft insurance was invented. People who are so afraid of losing all their savings due to the rampant issues about identity theft go to insurance companies. These people are expecting for a complete return of the money that was taken away. It is the problem of the insurance company where to get the money. Most of the time, they are doing the best they can to protect the personal records of their clients. They provide even extensive researches on black market operations for bank accounts just to see if their clients’ identity is already at stake.

 2.      Compromised Salaries or Wages

These criminals attack in two ways. One way is to get all the money at once and the other is to slowly and unnoticeably steal it. Wages are the most common targets for the latter technique. Salary deductions are often blamed to employers or banking issues. However, once, it is proven that identity theft is the reason, then; the insurance company should pay for it again. It is their duty to protect and make sure that nothing happens to their clients’ bank and other personal accounts. Sometimes, there are interest rates that are included in these deals. With this, the payment given by the company for the identity theft insurance concerning wages is higher.

 3.      Reclaiming Back of Identity

Never sign a deal that will only give you money for insurance. It is not enough to finish a deal by simply giving back the money that was stolen. It is also very important to fix everything that was damaged. This simply includes the deletion of the records that was used by the criminal. This also includes bringing back the identity to the original owner.  It is their responsibility to give their clients safe and comfortable banking and social security accounts even after the incident happened. It will also be better to catch the person doing all the malicious operations. If none of this can be done, it will be the duty of the identity theft insurance provider to renew all the records.